.this is me.

Heidi Karlsson … a musical artist from Sweden.

I go with the flow of life. Like John Lennon said :

 “Life is what happens when your busy making plans”.

It’s important to have a plan, to have dreams and goals – but at the same time you need to have a little faith in life. At the same time as you are working hard to go where you wanna go, you have to look around yourself –  cause you might miss important things that are right under your nose.  And I’m a strong believer that :

“Things happen for a reason”

I love sports – I did swimming, soccer (for 9 years), air shooting and boxing (for 4 years). I have approximately 10-15 years of gym experience and I’m a certified Personal Trainer from Safe Education Gothenburg with an international licens. I’m now working full time at SATS Kompassen in Gothenburg Sweden. Health is truly a big passion of mine and I want to make an imprint on people in the best positive way. I also love fashion, design and to organize things, everything from my home to the pinn curl-boxes at the theater.

I’ve been very focused and dedicated to my dream of becoming an artist my whole life. I told my grandmother when I was 3 years old that I would become a singer. And she always believed me. Although I had a small period when I wanted to become a “snake”, but that turned out to not be the right choice for me.

Over 20 years later it’s fantastic to work as a professional artist. It’s a gift to work with what you love. And when I’m sitting there in the makeup preparing for show number 8 in one week, maybe tired and unmotivated – I think about that 3 year old me (yes, even with a dream job you sometimes much rather stay in bed watching Netflix with popcorn every now and then).

“It’s a gift to work with what you love”

I grew up on an island outside of Gothenburg called Orust, in the small beautiful community “Svanesund”. In school I was lucky to always have a lot of music lessons and choir every week. We had amazing teachers who organized a lot of performances. And since I lived for music they encouraged me and they let me do a lot of great solo performances. I attended a Musical High School in Kungälv where I discovered my big interest for Musical Theater. I had especially two fantastic teachers that really inspired and supported me. My drama teacher Anna Zetterberg and my singing teacher Jarl Carlsson. Some well spoken words of wisdom that I carry with me still.

“Who ever you become – never change the way you are”

I did my professional education at “Performing Arts School” in Gothenburg. Before graduating I got my first job for the German cruise company Aida Cruises. I travelled the world with Aida and had an amazing time. I went through some of the most fantastic things and some not so great things. But again : “Things happen for a reason”

I worked in Andrew Lloyd Webers musical LOVE NEVER DIES in Hamburg at the Operettenhaus as the role CHRISTINE DAAÉ. I also played GRIZABELLA in another world famous show of Lloyd Webber – CATS THE MUSICAL. I’ve worked for Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises with my own solos shows and I’m looking forward combining that with my new job as a Personal Trainer.

Heidi Karlsson, Pfauenkleid (c) Patrick Imhof-2

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