.it’s still my boobs.

Inspired from one of my first blog posts “it’s my boobs”.


“No, I’m not wearing a bra”.

I’m tired of people thinking that they have a say regarding the fact if I wear a bra or not. You don’t. Reagardless if you like it or not it’s none of your business. Keep your opinion to yourself. I never walked around naked and I’m not planning to, but many times I go braless because of the pure fact that it’s warm and uncomfortable and a lot of my clothing just works better without a bra, especially in the summer. Try to walk around with a jockstrap all day guys and see how comfortable it is.


Woman get taught all their life that wearing a bra is the “proper” thing to do. Wearing a bra under your clothing keeps you looking attractive, put-together, it’s all around more appropriate and “better for your breasts”. Well it’s, bullshit. Studies actually show the very opposite, it’s not good for your circulation, the “support” of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop. To keep your breasts rounder and perkier, it’s actually best to let them do their own thing! Your bra is just keeping you back from even more beautiful breasts, truth be told. Wearing a bra may be hindering your ability to grow healthy breast tissue.

Essentially, bras prevent your chest from having to fight gravity. Your mind might immediately think that without your bra, then, your breasts would succumb to gravity and sag. However, quite the opposite happens when your ditch your bra. When your chest has to battle gravity, the chest muscles work harder and actually strengthen your breasts. This doesn’t just make you stronger, but it actually increases your breast size. That’s right, saying bye to your bra could gain you a whole cup size.


Letting your boobies free may make some people uncomfortable, but that’s not your problem — it’s theirs. It’s not your fault that they seem to have such a problem letting go of seriously patriarchal societal constructs, so just flip your hair at them and go back to enjoying the lack of painful underwire and itchy lace. No matter what you decide to do, it’s your body, your boobs, and your choice. And no matter what you choose, you’re fabulous.


Women don’t generally wear bras outside of the bedroom because they want to; lets be honest, we wear them because we for several reasons feel like we have to (if you enjoy wearing them, good four you, you rock that bra). Still, regardless of where you stand on the bra spectrum, you can’t deny that society is afraid of a little uncontrolled bounce. Whenever I stroll braless down the street, almost every man gives me a creepy smile, and most women frowns at me. But I couldn’t care less. What annoys me is when people actually comments on it. Men and women.


I don’t go braless a very day. I also wear bras and I love a good quality bra or a bandeau or better a bralette. They are light and airy and they don’t make me feel like my boobs are in prison. Removing a bra should not be the best part of my day. But it is. It’s more satisfying than exercising. It’s more satisfying than eating. It’s more satisfying than drinking wine with my friends on my balcony a warm summer night. And you know why? Because when I unhook that prison door, I can actually breathe again. I’m no longer strapped in against my will, and there is no feeling more empowering than breaking free.


Another big problem with bras is that I really hate seeing a gorgeous outfit cheapened by visible bra straps. It’s like watching a beautiful man open his mouth to say something self-incriminating. We end up spending hours nailing the perfect outfit, and in one second we ruin it – all thanks to a lousy bra.

Wearing a bra also gives a false idea of how breasts should look like. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have perfect boobs. I mean who does, really? But like most women one is noticeably smaller then the other. Life isn’t a Victoria’s Secret commercial. But we still expect women to have flawless breasts — no matter their age.

There’s no doubt that women feel this pressure, too. Whether you’re 15 or 50, you’re conditioned to believe that you should want the body of a 25-year-old. Let’s face it: We sexualize women any chance we get, and bras don’t really help the cause. I don’t want to see breasts conform to one standard; I want to see all different shapes and sizes.


Summer kicks in and of course people of all sizes and genders walk around with less clothes then the rest of the year. A friendly reminder – we can wear whatever we want, to keep ourselves cool and comfortable and you are under no circumstances allowed to shame us or sexualize us for it.

Our boobs aren’t here to please other people. It’s okay – put the bra down.



2 thoughts on “.it’s still my boobs.

  1. I hate when I’m going out, and my sister or my mom look at me and say something like “I can tell you’re not wearing a bra”. The only response that ever comes out of my mouth is “…so?”. It’s not a surprise that I have boobs. Like it’s a known thing. Why does it really matter. Its comfortable, and sometimes make my outfit look better than it would if I wore a bra! Great post Heidi xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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    1. Oh gosh I get the same reactions many times, surprisingly often from women! And you’re right, so what?! haha. people have way to many opinions about other people. Our boobs are our business, no one elses! have a great day! Xx

      Liked by 2 people

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