.it’s you – not me.


The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown, to make it easier for a man to carry.

“It’s me not you”, a classic line.

Many times we should be honest for the sake of ourselves but also for the sake of the other person who actually might need to hear…

“It’s YOU – not me”.


My 28th year was filled with happiness, and success. I found love, I lost love, I worked with my passion and I was creative. I was inspired by new places, new countries, new cultures and defintiley by all the wonderful people I met and already have around me. Especially my family who always support me, they are the core foundation of my being. My friends, old and new. I know so many talented beautiful souls and I’m forever grateful for having you in my life. Also incredibly grateful for music, to be able to sing and perform like I always dreamed of as a little girl when I invited my family to “grand solo shows” in the bathroom as a 3 year old. Might be a cliche, but always look at the bright side of life.

There is no straight way to the top, regardless what top you want to reach. For most people it’s some form of happiness that we search for. Great and terrible things will happen to you and people around you through life, still you always have a choice. A choice what you want to do with it. Will you let that define who you are? Or will you realize that only you are in charge of your life and how you want to deal with things that happen. You can’t change everything and sometimes life is incredibly unfair, but you always have a choice – how do you want to deal with it?


People come into our life for a reason, just never mistake what purpose they serve. The love of your life might turn out to not serve you in the purpose you thought. Instead of letting it bring you down, make that choice of looking at it in a different angle. What did I learn from this? And there’s your answer to why this person came into your life. That’s of course not always easy and it might take you time to realize what you learned, but this really helps you to look at the bright side of things.


I learned a lot this year. You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. I also learned that it’s not possible to make someone see what they don’t want to see. I mean it all sounds obvious but still we want to help, what’s hard to realize is that not everyone wants your help. The fact that you believe in someone and want to help them to get on the right track, or believe that they can and will change, should never be seen as a mistake. You believed in someone. You trusted someone to be as decent inside as you are. You trusted someone to be as capable of love as you are. It is actually a story of your best qualities. Don’t feel any shame, shame is not your burden to carry. What is there to feel shame for? Being a decent, loving and trusting human being? What is there to be blamed for? I am a strong woman and there’s a limit to how much I will take. I have a lot of patience and I will never leave you without trying everything first. But if you lie to me, wrong me or treat me like I don’t matter… I’m done.

What I bring with me as my most important lesson is that actions speak louder then words. Words don’t mean a thing anymore – actions are everything. Don’t tell me you’ll never take me for granted, that you love me, that you respect me, that I can trust you… show me, make me feel it, cause words come easy. And if someone treats you like they don’t care, believe them.


Sometimes you’ll just end up being too much of a woman, too much of something, that makes a man feel less of a man. Which will make you feel like you have to be less of a woman. The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown, to make it easier for a man to carry. When this happens, you need to understand, you don’t need a smaller crown – you need a man with bigger hands.

I’m ready for a new year, a year for myself, for I can carry my own crown♡



4 thoughts on “.it’s you – not me.

  1. What a beautiful blog my dear! I stick a bit in the same situation and it really feels great to read that I am not the only one with problems like this 🙂 the way how you write that is great, thank you :*

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