.it’s time again.

.it´s time for another lovely concert in Hamburg.

to be told bigger

This amazing design is made by my dear friend René Daniel. Photo by wonderful Julian Freyberg and makeup&hair by the fabulous Hoky Siswan.

To Be Told – A New Day

A concert that started back a few years ago together with the talented pianist and musical director Markus Jan Weber. We met first time on Aida back in 2012 and we’ve made music together since then. With tight working schedules and a lot of traveling around the globe we somehow managed 6 concerts of “To Be Told”, not bad at all!

The concept of the concert isn’t necessarily set, but it has always followed the theme of a journey. A personal journey of where we are heading in life. Thoughts about being away, traveling, work, own experiences mixed with thoughts about life.

“We must not forget to have a little faith in life and trust that everything happens for a reason. Remembering that it’s never a straight way to the top. Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that remind us where we are heading. The most beautiful things grow out of nothing. Even the tiniest seed might lead to something beautiful.”

After 6 concerts it’s now finally time to do our 7th concert together and this time back in Hamburg. It’s with great honor and a lot of joy that we will take the stage at Studio E, Laeizshalle in Hamburg on the 24th of January at 20.00.

Of course we hope to see you there.

For more info about the event, please follow our Facebook page ;


For tickets please visit *** https://shop.ticketpay.de/VMKA6F7B ***

to be told headpic 2017

For tickets please visit *** https://shop.ticketpay.de/VMKA6F7B ***







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