.it’s neverland.

.all that matters now.


“There are days when I feel so afraid I can hardly remember to breathe.
When reality crashes in wave after wave, pulling me further beneath.
So what’s the point in planning for a future, if it all can be stolen away’
It’s all I can do to hold on and survive, when the colors have faded to gray.”

Had an amazing photoshoot as SYLVIA LLEWELYN DAVIES from FINDING NEVERLAND. It’s one of my favorite movies and recently also a fantastic musical. I did this shoot with photo&styling by Julian Freyberg and makeup&hair by Hoky Siswan. The best team to work with. We’ve done some work together before and it’s always a huge joy. Especially since the art itself always comes out on top.





“He makes sense of all of my chaos in ways I could never explain,
He turns all of my sadness into smile, he’s helping live life again
It’s the light in the eyes of my children
It’s the sound of their laughter once more
It’s a glimpse of a life I dared only to dream
And a dream only life could restore;
And I know that some may not understand
But he’s guiding me safely to shore
Not afraid anymore

All that matters now, is where I go from here
There’s an easier way if I live for today
The singing in my heart is all that matters.”


This beautiful story touches my heart completely. The search of Neverland, the story how Peter became Pan,the characters, the honesty and beauty in the script is absolutely captivating. I’ve seen the movie several times and I always end up laughing and crying like a baby. Last year I saw the musical for the first time in New York. I heard many different things about it and I decided to not expect anything. I was blown away! I think they made it into a beautiful musical, I loved the music and the cast was incredible. To do this shoot ment a lot and I need to say a big thank you again to the talented Julian Freyberg♥ Please check out his work!

Every now and then I wish that I wouldn’t have had to experience some of the hard things in my life. No one wants to, but the fact is that a lot of good things can come out of it. If it will happen to us regardless if we want to or not we might as well make the best out of it. Loosing the people I love will always be my biggest fear, cause I know how that feels. I don’t walk around terrified about that everyday, that’s no way to live, but I never take life for granted.  I will never go to bed with an argument with someone I love. I will always review my behavior in situations and I learned how to swallow my pride and apologize when I’m in the wrong. I strive to be better in my relationships with my family, boyfriend and friends. No one is perfect and we can always be slightly better. Loosing people I love made me live under the motto to never live in regret. Life is too short for that. I never want to regret that I didn’t apologize in that situation, or that I wasn’t more understanding or supportive, that I didn’t put my fears aside and lived in the moment.

Love can make anyone see life differently. Maybe that’s why I love FINDING NEVERLAND so much, Silvia has the most terrifying destiny. How can you live knowing that… the answer is love♥






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