.it’s maturity.

.it’s not age that makes us brave.


“In psychology, maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctive. Maturity also encompasses being aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances and the culture of the society one lives in. Adult development and maturity theories include the purpose in life concept, in which maturity emphasizes a clear comprehension of life’s purpose, directedness, and intentionality, which contributes to the feeling that life is meaningful.”

I would say that each and everyone of us has a responsibility to attain maturity and self-awareness as we grow up. Some mature really early in life and others never mature, even as they grow old. We all know that maturity is not a natural consequence of growing up. Age cannot guarantee maturity. Maturity to me is to have the will of learning from your experiences, being flexible to change and adapt to situations – life and others around us, to have the large-heartedness to respect the differences and viewpoints of others.

I was always fairly mature growing up, people always thought I was older then I was because of the way I acted. Getting close to my 30’s while annualizing myself I can of course see that I’ve matured and grown a lot as a person and artist the past few years. The past year actually. Not to be forgotten – maturity also comes with life experience, the more you go through – ups and downs, the faster you’ll mature depending on your capability. Like mentioned – not everyone mature.

Isn’t it fascinating how faith bring us together in the most unlikely but perfect times? I went through experiences that taught me so much about people, love, hate, grief… but mostly about myself. In the moment when I was 100% focused on myself, I was hurt but somehow stronger and more mature – that’s when I met you. Unexpected but perfect. Connecting in a mature way, growing a relationship based on communication, trust, respect, commitment and an insane amount of love and passion.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to decline jobb offers. Simply because I matured. I worked hard and I have options, in work and life. I grown to realize that life is about so many things. Today I read an article about growing old and looking back on the 10 things you never would regret doing in your life. One of them was working less to spend time with the once you love. What if one choice can give us everything we want ; working with another dream job and being with the once we love… then it’s not really a hard choice is it? Regardless – you will feel it in your heart – follow it.

I wouldn’t call myself a big risk taker. I like to plan my life as much as I can and to balance private life and work. I like to be secure, we all do. I don’t take huge risks, but I never want to live in regret. That is one thing life experience taught me. If you get an opportunity to change your life, to make your life and the one you love better – always do it. Regret is a powerful thing, it can destroy people. Being happy is easy – follow your heart and be kind.


I’m so happy right now, with everything. Much thanks to you.

If you have a person like that in your life – you’re lucky! That one person that always put a smile on your face regardless how terrible you feel. The person that allow you to be you and at the same time brings out the best of you. Thank you for being as you are. I truly love you. 

“Waiting is a sign of true love. Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it`s true.”







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