.it`s new years.

.the time to be grateful for what we have and think about the future – just a little bit.


I always think that celebrating New Years is a bit over rated. It never turns out to be as great as we expect it to. The ambition of a great party is always higher then the outcome. That`s why I naturally decided to not expect anything. My focus is usually to think about the year that passed…

What did I do in 2016?

Where did I live, what did I work with, how did I feel, what did I experience, was I happy, what made me happy, what did I learn… What did I not achive? Did I make any mistakes that I can learn from? Basically I try to think about all of it. And I try to not judge myself, of course there will be things I regret, we all make mistakes, we all end up flat on our face every now and then. As long as you take that experience and learn from it, there`s not much more to do.

So 2016 was generally a very good year for me. I lived back home in Hamburg, worked in the beautiful show “Love Never Dies”, I spend time with my friends, worked out, took care of myself, I went home to Sweden when I had time off, I traveled alone to NY, Paris and London which was a great experience where I also learned more about myself and what I need. I learned from some mistakes. I learned more about people and people in my industry. Not always in the most pleasent way. I got this amazing job where I get the opportunity to play one of the roles I always dreamed about “Grizabella in CATS”. I spent time in sunny Miami, met new amazing friends. And now traveling in the Caribbean.


You might think that one of all these things must be the best memory of 2016….

For some people it might sound cliché, but a succesful career, money, material things, traveling and all of that means nothing compared to the relationships around us, especially the once that mean the most to us.

And for me the happiest and best moment of 2016 was not getting a new job although I`m very grateful for it…

And what about New Year resolutions? I think most people think about something they want to change or do. For me it really means something if I decide for it. I have to try my very best to make it work.

So 2017 will be a very exciting year. Cause I have a lot that I want to do. And one of the big things are to spend more time with my family and the people I love. A little time off will fix that. In general for the world Im not really sure that 2016 was a good year... Not going into that right now. But we always have to start with ourselves, first you need to somehow be happy and able to spread love to the people around you. 

So here I sit, after my last CATS of the year and I feel happy with what the year had to offer and I can`t wait to see what 2017 has in store!





(Gus-Ryan Bailey, Jellylorum-Celia Graham, Grizabella-Heidi Karlsson, Rum Tum Tugger-Stanley Allen Owen)

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