.it`s christmas.

.it`s that time of year.


The time when everything gets a little bit more sentimental. I always want to be home for christmas, home with my family, but many times it`s just not possible.


Although I`m not “crazy” about christmas, I get quit sentimental and I miss the Swedish christmas food like julskinkan (the christmas ham), julmusten (the christmas drink), köttbullarna (the meatballs), Aladdin asken (certain box of celected chocolate), sillen (the herring) and of course another million things. What I really love is to just hang out with my family. Play games, go for a walk, watch TV, eat, play with the kids and talk for hours in front of the fire place. Sweden can be the most perfect place to celebrate christmas – when the weather is good. And what we all want is a white christmas. I will definitley not get the white christmas that I`m use to – it might be a bit white, but more sand then snow.

What`s really different this year is that everyone here celebrates on the 25th. So today, the 24th I will be trying to get a good christmas spirit by talking to my family on Skype. In the evening we have our Broadway Cabaret – and of course I will wear a red sparkly dress (I promise a late photo).


On the 25th, which will be the day I celebrate this year, we have a Christmas Gala. Together with the orchestra we will give a great concert. I will sing “Love is an open door” together with Stanley Allen-Owen and “Let it Go” – both songs from the fantastic movie “Frozen”. I`m really excited about that concert. And after, the cast of CATS will have our “Secret Santa”.

So it`s possible that on a ship with almost 9000 people you can feel very lonely on christmas. Simply cause it might not be exactly where you want to be on that specific day. You want to be with the people that knows you the best, your family, your best friend, your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.


But as long as you have these people in your life – you can consider yourself ectremely lucky… to have a cozy, warm home to miss is not to take for granted.
And to have people that accept that you`re always away and can wait for you, that`s really beautiful and loving.
Anyone can say “I love you” but not everyone can wait and proof that it`s true.

I think it`s important to remember, and take a moment, to think about all these people that don`t have a warm home, they don`t have those people around them…

Never take life for granted.

Always spread the love that you have.

We never know how tomorrow will be.

Merry Christmas. Frohe Weihnachten. God Jul.



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