.it`s brilliant.


.why isn`t this more popular around the globe?.

First of all, you might wonder “What the f*** is that?!” It`s a menstrual cup. You might say like many others “That`s the most disgusting thing I`ve ever heard”! But I actually think vaginal dryness, risk of toxic schock syndrome, vaginal allergic reactions, bacterial infections and yeast sounds a bit worse!

So exactly what is a menstrual cup?

It`s a reusable menstrual vessel. As easy to use as a tampon, made of silicon approved for medical use. Once inserted, it fully adapts to vaginal walls and cocts menstrual flow instead of absorbing it, without leaking, and is gentle on the internal enviroment.


The menstrual cup is better because it`s comfortable, it`s as easy to use as a tampon, no need to bring any spares since it`s reusable, it doesn’t take up much space, it`s not seen or noticed, it doesn’t need to be emptied as often as a tampon has to be changed. You can swim and do any sports when wearing it. And it can be used all night.

I mean seriously!!! It`s brilliant!

It generates zero waste and does not contribute to destroying of our planet. The manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly than for other menstrual products. As it is reusable and has a long lifespan (up to 10 years!!!!)  it helps to slow down consumption. And you only need 1 every 10 years- think about all the money you can save!!!


Already in 1932 the first type of a menstrual cup was shown, but it was Leona Chalmers who started it in 1937 with the very first commercial menstrual cup! THANK YOU LEONA! But at that time it wasn`t a huge thing, and many new versions came along but the menstrual cup never seemed to be a hit. But no wonder – you buy 1 every 10th year (haha)! So of course the commercial budget for these companies isn`t that big.

So except the fact that it`s so much better for your vaginal health, it`s so much cleaner then to use pads or tampons, it`s super economic and much safer and comfortable even for women with heavy periods. Regardless all of that, the most important point is how the life is for many women in developing countries like Kenya and South Africa where the options aren`t that many, actually often there is “nothing”. The menstrual cup is a fantastic option, they don`t cost that much, 1 for each woman and they can use it for 10 years. And that is as well extremely friendly for the environment. There are some organizations working with bringing menstrual cups to women in these countries.

Some companies even have colorful options. Don`t be afraid to try it, it`s almost 2017 and I think it`s about time that we all try to be more eco friendly. And why not combine that with being more “vagi-friendly” as well.




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