.it`s not loneliness.


.please don`t feel sorry for me.

– “Yes, just me!”

No need to give me a look full of pitty, I`m not lonely. Im alone. By choice. Because I love my own company. I blogged about this another time but then it was more about being single. Now I`m just more concerned about the fact that so many people are terrified of being alone.

In April I went for 1 week to New York. Alone. And I got a lot of questions about why. And a lot of people seemed to feel sorry for me. But please, don`t feel sorry for me. You see, me booking a trip to NY wasn`t me going alone cause no one wanted to go with me. Me going alone was an active choice, because I wanted to experience NY in my own way. I wanted to have that time alone. We are surrounded by people all the time. I love to go to a restaurant and order a nice meal and sit alone and enjoy it. Look at other people. Talk to the waiter.

It`s hard if you`re not use to it. You will feel awkward. You will think that everyone is watching you and that they all think why is she or he alone. But the fact is, everyone is too busy with their own business or their own worries. And if people look at you or comment on the fact that you`re alone – so what?! They are obviously not comfortable to be by themselves other wise they wouldn`t react that way. And why care so much about what other people think? Life is too short for that. But it`s like were back in school and the cool kids are always in a group, you never see them alone. And if they are alone they instantly get weak. And the kids that are by themselves (by choice or not) get bullied cause the society has decided since YEARS back that people that are alone are weird. By why do we, the adults bring that with us through life? Haven`t we learned that the society will tell us million of things that are complete bullshit!?! So why is this one of the things we carry with us?

Maybe it`s the human fear of ending up lonely, we are herd animals. And we need people around us like our family and friends. But that`s not the point here, the point is that –>

.alone doesn`t mean loneliness.

Like I said in my old blog post, if you`re not comfortable in your own company, how will you ever be comfortable with others?


Be who you are – and don`t let the society turn you into someone you aren`t.



7 thoughts on “.it`s not loneliness.

  1. I admire you for travelling alone, would never pity you. As i am always travelling alone in Europe to see my musicals i also always get asked ” how can you do it, isn’t it boring etc etc”. Mostly i am quite comfy travelling alone because i can choose where to go and when on my own. And i always meet lovely people in London or Stockholm or wherever., so not totally alone. The only 2 things bothering me are the prices for hotels for a single room (soooo expensive ) and going around at night as a girl alone sometimes feels scary. But apart from that i sometimes really enjoy alone-time. So admiring you for going to NY alone. Would love to go there but alone it is too expensive and for that far away Destination i would love company. Don’t let others let you leave your path. All the best, Doris


  2. I feel traveling alone is better, although it is good to have company, if you are alone you can do things on your on speed, you don’t have to go to a certain place if you don’t want to. You have no restrictions when you are alone. Most of my traveling now is with no one, mostly because no-one want to see musical’s over and over again, but also others can’t get time off. I have visited so many places by myself, and will visit more in the future. And I truly can’t wait to experience these place at my own pace.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I totally agree it has both negative and positive sides of course! But the bottom line is tp be comfortable in your own company so you can be better around people when you choose to;) have a fantastic day!


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