.it`s true love.

.what is true love, will we all find it or is it just for the lucky once?


True love is; passion, intimacy and commitement.
I would say if one of these three are missing then it`s not true love.
It usually starts with passion, and that passion needs to stay. And that`s hard work when life comes in between. You have to feed love with constant action.

Intimacy is something that comes by spending time together. And if it`s right, it always leads to attachement. It creates a closeness and connection on a deeper level. And out of this comes commitement. And that basically means that you will stay with your partner no matter what. When your partner gets sick, loose their job, loose their beauty or maybe are away for a longer period. Commitement can be an engagement or marriage or simply that you made it clear for each other which level of commitement you expect from one another. In the big picture marriage doesn`t really matter. But ofcourse it will always be harder to just walk away when you`re married. To be commited to each other can be hard work. You can`t agree on everything and sometimes it might be better to just forgive your partner for the sake of peace. And not letting your ego hold onto every injustice. Both of you aren`t perfect and it`s important to remember that built up anger and resentments can ruin the relationship. So let go of things as fast as you can, forgive, have sympathy, appriciate each other, listen to your partner with real presence, don`t critize each other but help each other, say how you feel and most important – be honest.

Love means taking risks, trusting, opening up, be voulnerable and go all in even though you know you might end up with pain and heartbreak.
When you see what you want, when you believe in it, when you see it and visualize it you give love a chance to flourish. You give love a chance to grow and become what you want.

True love is about supporting your partner in their dreams and sucess. But mostly about being there for them when life gets though. A couple that stays together in hard times will grow strong and be amazing during the good times. So when it gets hard make sure to really be there for each other. And maybe help each other to remember why you fell in love in the first place…

.waiting is a sign of true love. Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it`s true.

♡many waters cannot quench love♡




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