.it’s miami.

.i’m in miamy b*t*h.


My time in Miami is coming to an end. On Saturday the 8th of October we go onboard on Oasis of the Seas. And I’m so excited. Miami has been so great and we will keep coming back here with the ship for a while until we change to Orlando. Of course I’m here for work and it’s been a great rehearsal period. But I also had the opportunity to enjoy Miami at the same time. Here are some of my favorite places/activities in Miami, Florida.


10. Royal Caribbean Production Studios

“This is where all the magic happens. This is the place behind Royal Caribbeans fantastic shows, including the Broadway shows Cats, We will rock you, Mamma Mia and Saturday Night Fever. The building is only 2 years old and it’s the largest rehearsal facility in the world. Truly an amazing place.”

9. Beach Bar

“The Beach Bar is located at Sunny Isles in North Miami. It’s a beautiful bar right at the beginning of the Pier. It’s become one of our favorite places to hang after a sunny day at the beach or a long day at work. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy the breeze, watch the sunset with good food and drinks.” 


8. Fort Lauderdale

“With a little road trip you can easily reach Fort Lauderdale, 45 km north of Miami. It’s a very popular tourist destination with approximately 3000 hours of sunshine per year. The beach is really nice and you can watch some of Royal Caribbean’s largest ships leaving this harbor.”

7. Tap 42 Bar & Grill

“This bar i located in Fort Lauderdale, we went here for the most amazing brunch! It’s a very popular place and it’s more safe to book a table before. We didn’t but we still found a bar space where we still had enough space to order in lots of food and drinks. Amazing atmosphere and “all you can drink Mimosas”!

6. South Beach

“Miami Beach, South Beach is one of Americas most famous beaches. It’s beautiful and usually very crowded. The area is full of great restaurants, clubs, stores and activities. My favorite restaurant along South Beach, Ocean Drive is “Larios on the Beach“. They have amazing food and service. And it happened to be the only place that didn’t try to drag us in when we passed by. It also looks gorgeous. Especially inside.”



5. Millionaire Skyline boat tour

“A boat tour with Fiesta Cruises. Cruising around the millionaire Houses in Miami and Miami Skyline. All in Miami style. Passing by houses of Jackie Chan, Will Smith, David Beckham, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and many more. The most expensive house belongs to the Doctor who created the first “viagra” pill. It’s a 65 million dollar place.”

4. Everglade Safari

“Highly recommended is the Everglades Safari airboat tour. It was an amazing day. Getting into the nature and most fascinating – seeing alligators. Even holding a baby alligator. His name was “Snappy” and he was adorable. Very soft, not at all how I imagined.”

3. Sugar Rooftop bar

“This is one of Miamis most popular rooftop bars. It’s at the top of East Hotel in downtown Miami. No reservation needed just show up and hopefully there is enough room or you’ll get on the waiting list. They have the most amazing Asian Tapas. Great service and drinks. We got a perfect spot next to the edge with the beautiful view and the evening was all and all very very enjoyable. 



2. Aventura Mall

“Well I ain’t gonna lie. I love shopping. And this mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Miami. Definitely the most beautiful one. And it has 300 stores, I mean that says it all.!

1. Sunny Isles Beach

“Sunny Isles Beach is really gorgeous and became my favorite place here. Compared to South Beach it’s not as crowded and it feels more relaxing. Other wise I can’t explain the difference why I actually think Sunny Isles is better. I guess it’s more about the atmosphere. And not to forget that number 9 “The Beach Bar” is located right at this beach.”





(Photos are from my LG camera, Ryan William Bailey and Google)

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