.it’s another closure.

.love never dies.


Yesterday “Love Never Dies” in Hamburg, Germany had it’s very last show. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there to say proper goodbyes to everyone, to say thank you for this year, thank you for all the opportunities, the relationships, the laughters, the music.

This musical means so much to me. In many ways. It was my very first musical in Germany with Stage Entertainment, it was my very first Andrew Lloyd Webber show, it was one of my dream roles, it grounded me more as an artist, it led to many amazing meetings with amazing people, just to mention a few things…

This show has been a gift. A pure joy. The music itself speaks for so much in this show, but also the amazing and fantastic stage, the set, the magnificent costumes and wigs, the makeup, the light design… every little piece is so important to get that final result. Everyone matters. We all do this show together.

When I first heard of “Love Never Dies” it was a good friend of mine who said that the title song from the show would be good for me. I started to research the show, I listened to the title song… and I was hooked. Then I watched the Australian video version and I fell in love with all of it. I remember as I was watching the end, that I panicked. “No Christine can’t die!! No that’s not how it ends! It can’t end like that!” But to be honest it’s the most beautiful ending. It so simple, the whole message of the show…

No matter how you look, no matter what you go through, no matter how much you hurt each other, no matter if you try not to, no matter if you loose each other, no matter if the worst possible thing happens – love remains because love never dies.

.Liebe Stirbt Nie.

.Kärleken Dör Aldrig.

.Love Never Dies.

Thank you to the fantastic team behind this show, Simon Philips, Gavin Mitford, Kristen Blodgette, Simone Sault, Jamie Forshaw and of course thank you Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.



Heidi Karlsson, Pfauenkleid (c) Patrick Imhof-2



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