.it’s A New Day.

.even the tiniest seed might lead to something beautiful.

The concert “To be Told – A New Day” was a very special evening. Monday the 29th of August I had the big pleasure to perform once more with the pianist Markus Jan Weber in Studio E at Laeiszhalle in Hamburg. And this time also with some of my dear friends, Linnéa Gustavsson, Maaike Brussel and Richie Gooding. It was all and all a very memorable night. Many lovely familiar and new faces in the audience. Again a big thank you to everyone who came.


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The last days in Hamburg were very emotional and busy. The last show as Christine Daaé was a good way of ending that story and leaving that role behind. My family from Sweden visited me which is always amazing. Then the concert and finally the last show at Coney Island. It ended very quickly at the Operettenhaus and I’m sad not to be a part of the very last show and to have a proper goodbye to my colleagues. But I’m sure we will cross each others paths again. After all it’s a small business. Shortly after the last show I already started my journey towards Miami. It was a very long trip and I didn’t sleep for 48 hours.

Now I’m here in Miami. I’ve been here a couple of days now and it’s actually a pretty big change. Besides the obvious time difference of 6 hours, for me the biggest adjustment is the temperature changes. Outside it’s minimum 30 degrees every day, the air is thick and it’s much much warmer then 30 degrees in Sweden or Germany. And as soon as you step inside it’s freezing cold from the air condition. These constant changes and simply the AC itself is really affecting me. But I’m slowly getting use to it.

It’s absolutely amazing to be here. To work for such a big company as Royal Caribbean with so many talented people. Working in the largest rehearsal facility in the world. To play another dream role is an honor. And to be able to have a Broadway credit is a big dream itself. I saw Cats three times, but many years ago in Sweden at the Gothenburg Opera house. I loved it. I thought Grizabella was an absolutely fantastic part. I loved all the cats, the songs and the dancing. I know from friends who did the show that it’s a tough show to do. But I could never imagine what an extremely demanding show it is. It’s a big dancing show – but also a big singing show – AND a big acting show! As Grizabella you do the opening as a “young Griz” with choreo and singing, after that you’re Grizabella. So I don’t have as much dancing as the rest. But seeing my colleagues doing the “Jellicle Ball” – I was just amazed. Truly fantastic.


More to come about my travels and my discovery of the Jellicle world…

…let the memory live again…


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