.it’s all the goodbyes.


.the never ending goodbyes.

It’s a new adventure. It’s not forever. I’m not going away for good. But it doesn’t make it easier. It doesn’t make the goodbye any easier. Even though you know you will meet again. But it is that “small” part in between : “the-being-away-from-each-other-part”.

I left for something new, so many times. In this business you learn to say goodbye to people all the time. But it also doesn’t mean that it gets any easier. And with some people it’s harder. Some people reach your heart in a way you never expected. But these are also the people you know that you will stay connected to.

And then you have your old friends and your family. And maybe you have another really special person in your life. And to leave them behind, to go away… it’s never easy. But we all have to live our lives doing the things we feel like we need to do. To follow our inner truth. Cause there is nothing worse then living in regret. Living in regret makes people bitter and miserable. We need to listen to ourselves… “What do I want”? Hopefully your beloved once understand you, understand your decisions, understand your business. And hopefully you can find a way together.

No one can reach all the things you want in life – but at least I tried.

It comes with age, but I seem to realize more and more what I actually want in my life. Some things I always knew. Some things where always clear. But life is so full of opportunities and colors. And it’s important to have dreams and goals, small or big, things that we work for, things that keep us motivated. Keeps us alive. But it’s also extremely important to have some faith in life. And sometimes you meet people around you that open up your eyes to another dimension. These are the people we have to carry with us. Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that remind us where we are heading. The most beautiful things grow out of nothing. Even the tiniest seed might lead to something beautiful.

There is no greater gift then love and be loved.

I can’t believe that in 12 hours I start my trip. Next destination Miami. Next production Cats. Next part Grizabella. I will be back in 10 months. I’m sure I will have a great time. Cause even though missing the people we need is hard, we gain nothing by not doing the best out of the situations we are given. There are always two ways of seeing things. Negative or positive. And I always choose positive. And we are so connected online these days anyway.

Last day in Hamburg and the weather is beautiful. I will go out and enjoy it. Last show tonight. More goodbyes but also lots of love.



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