.it’s our privacy.

.don`t get lost in space.


We put everything online for the world to see today. Everything. What we eat, drink, what we wear, what we do, the people we are with, how we feel and what we think and especially what we see. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, websites, blogs and more. I’m no one to talk, I do it too. Many people connect it to something bad, in general I would say the “older generation” who didn`t grow up with it like “we” did. But I also discovered that some of the “older generation” is even worse then the young once these days. It doesn’t automatically mean that it would be bad to be active on these places, but I believe that it’s important to know why you do it. What do you want to happen? What kind of response do you want, and from what kind of people? Do you want more views, more likes, more comments and more followers? Be extremely careful if this is the reason why you do it. Trying to gain approval online will NEVER help you the way you need to be helped.

If you don`t know what you want to ashieve, if you don`t know why you do it. You better think again. Social media is extremely powerful and if you know how to use it, it’s a great tool.

Some people only post nice, funny, great things. Mostly positive things, maybe some political views but nothing to private. When others post everything. They write very openly about things that I consider very private. Things I probably never would share online. Not even on my “private” Facebook. Cause after all once it’s out there it’s out there. And you can never control 100% who is watching. But just because I consider it too private and just because I wouldn’t post it – doesn’t mean that others can’t. Who am I to judge? Who am I to say that what some people post wouldn’t be okey? And I don’t judge. If you are perfectly fine with what you’re posting, if you don’t post these things to get approval, to get attention, then I also believe that the chance that it will hurt you is smaller. But never post something for approval. Never post for a certain amount of likes. Of course we share things online and it’s nice to see that people appreciate what you post or that people can get involved in your life. But this is the start of the dangerous circle of feeding yourself with social media attention.

That’s where it all begins. And if you don’t understand the business of social media, the way social media is build –  you’ll get lost. So keep your feet on the ground. And remember that the reality of being here and now can never be measured with how many likes you get online.

.look at this app for example!! This add came up on Instagram. How sick is this?!


And always remember that what you see online is not always the truth. This is extremely important. Everyone can have a fantastic life online, but behind the screen it might be completely different.

Last year the Instagram star, the Australian 19 year old girl  Essena O`Neill with more then half a million followers, big model contracts, millions of views at Youtube, went out saying “I was lost, with serious problems so beautifully hidden.” She quit social media and went out on Youtube with a video where she explains how social media is not real life.

Essena O’Neill – Why I really am quitting social media

She explains how social media is a business. One of the most powerful and huge businesses we have now a days. And on Instagram for example, when you see accounts with a BIG amount of followers and they always take pictures with different products, they are paid to do that. Companies will send them emails with the  exact way of what they should post, what they should say, what time and day they should post it, what they should do in the photo, where they should hold the product and more. Companies know the power of social media and they use it. She also explains how she started thinking at the young age of 12 that the value of herself would be measured in followers, likes and attention online. That when she got attention online, like the famous girls she adored, she would be loved and she would be happy. And a few years later she had it “all”. And she was miserable and depressed. She spend years of her life through a screen.

Is that life? To prove yourself online?

I’m not against social sharing – but don’t spend your life through a screen. And I think it`s extremely important for especially all the young girls out there who define themselves through social media attention. Don’t let yourself be defined by numbers. Live here and now, use the social sharing, use it for your work, but always remember who you are, always remember that real life is physical not technical.


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2 thoughts on “.it’s our privacy.

  1. Thank you so much for this post.
    I totally agree with you. Social media can be very useful. It can also be entertaining and it helps to keep in touch with people. But one should never forget how to differentiate between virtual life and reality.
    Recently, I have written my master thesis on a very similar topic to the content of your entry. As a future teacher, I know how important it is to make people aware of the possible dangers of social media. Cyber bullying and other stuff can’t be ignored and especially younger people often tend to forget what can happen if they post private details online. Still, social media can’t and shouldn’t be regarded as a bad thing in general and it’s completely okay to use it and to share things as long as you are reflective on what you are sharing.
    Hope you have a great week and can’t wait for you next post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Chrissie!
      Thank you so much for your comment. I totally agree with you, and for me the biggest worry is for the young kids out there.! And how great to hear that you as a teacher is strongly involved in the subject! That’s comforting. Keep on your good work, I always admire teachers! You have one of the most important jobs!! Have a good week too 🙂 All the Best!

      Liked by 1 person

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