.it’s balance.

.how do we find balance in life…


In Swedish we have one amazing word – “lagom”. There is no exact translation for this in English or German. It actually only excist in Sweden, Finland and Norway. It basically means that something isn`t too much, nor to little – it`s that perfect in between – just that right amount. But it doesn’t mean “in between”. It could be described as “in balance”, “perfect-simple”, “suitable” (in matter of amounts). Lagom has a connection to appropriateness, although not necessarily perfection. If someone is offering you a glass of juice and they ask how much you want then most Swedish people would say “lagom”. We use the expression “Lagom är bäst.” Which means the right amount is best. And without any further question we all know how much juice that is.

Lets be honest, chocolate is good for the soul, coffee can be one of the best things in the morning, a glass of wine with a friend can be so pleasant, going to the gym for a good workout makes you feel better somehow, a really good ice cream makes anyone go back in time… But nothing of this is good if it`s too much. But it`s also not good if you never let yourself do any of the things that you like. So how do we find the balance…

.how do we find “lagom” in life?

And not only with food, drinks, training and ice cream. But everything.

Sometimes we have to except that we can`t be strong all the time. Sometimes it`s absolutely necassary to be voulnerable and allow yourself to feel. If you`re going through something difficult, you need to find a way of handeling it. No one really wants to be sad or ”to be a mess”, but if that`s how you feel then allow yourself to feel that for a while. Say to yourself that it`s okey to be sad. It`s okey that I feel this way. Because regardless if you let yourself feel or not, these feelings will be there. And if you try to press them away, they will build up and hunt you down when you least expect it. And usually at the worst timing. So better let it out immediately.

.but don`t stay there too long. You might get stuck.

So decide how much time you get and then set a day where you will take back the control and move on. It doesn`t mean that everything goes away. But life goes on. Whatever happens, life has to go on. Do things that you love, if it`s that ice cream you need – then go get it. Spend time with people that gives you good vibes and energy. Buy yourself something nice. Listen to good happy music. Exercise to get the endorfins going. And if it comes back like a punsh in the face – then let it. And then leave it. And move on again.

.is it really good to be extreme?

Todays society is filled of info of how our lives should look like. And it’s so easy to get caught up in it. Cause it’s all you see and here, so it becomes normal. But is it really normal?

You should be successful, have a career, you should earn a lot of money, travel, buy a big house, an expensive car, designer clothes, go to fancy dinners and parties, get married and get kids. But not only this – you should be “beautiful” as well. Women should be skinny but with big ass and big boobs. I’m like… Sorry how is that even possible?! Maybe some girls are born like that, but most of us aren’t. So if you wanna be as skinny as the sick picture of women today then your ass and boobs will automatically get smaller. As a guy you should be muscular but without looking like one big steroid. So the guys should basically spend every freaking day in the gym to get that body. And women should either starve themselves or lay down under the knife. But where is the time for all this bullshit?

And why does it have to be so extreme? Why can’t we just be happy with what we’ve got? This is the way I look, this is my body, my face, this is me. I exercise to be healthy and because I love sports, but my goal is not to be that skinny picture we have of women today. That’s not what I find beautiful. Not at all. So many young girls get caught in this. But please remember that you are exactly the way you should be. And you are beautiful as you are. And what you see out there is not real. (more blogging about this another day)

Lagom is the word. It’s nothing wrong with aspirations and goals, but keep your feet on the ground.



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