.it’s just bitterness.

.instead of throwing up toxic shit they should start throwing up glitter.

We have amazing weather in Hamburg. The past two days we had over 35 degrees. Yesterday I met my friend for a coffee. We had a lovely time and we were on our way back home. We sat at the S-bahn station, outside in the sun, talking about life. A middle age woman came towards were we sat and she was already annoyed that she couldn’t sit exactly at the seat that my friend had, although there were 2 other free seats. She was irritated but went to the other seat anyway. We kept on talking about how we came to Germany 4 years ago for the first time, how fast time has travelled. Another middle age woman with a dog came and sat next to my friend. We kept on talking about our first impression of Hamburg. We came up at the Reeperbahn station and a man threw up right in front of us. We laughed about how young we were …

And then out of no where …

The woman with the dog said to us really rude “Well how great that you’re having so much fun, but no one else can!!” My friend got really chocked. And I looked at her and said “What!?”


She replied even more unpleasant “You are being so loud!!”. I asked if she was serious. And she kept on “You are really shouting and it’s really disturbing!” I kept on asking if she was serious cause I was so surprised, and at this point I actually couldn’t help but laughing a bit. I told her, well we are having a nice conversation here. First of all we are NOT shouting, second of all if it’s too loud for you then you can go and sit somewhere else. We are outside and as far as I know there isn’t a certain “decibel-level” that you need to follow! Third, you can’t just tell people stuff like that, and too be honest I feel sorry for you.

.I really do – I feel so sorry for you.

Then the irritated woman on the other side passed by and said “I agree, they are SO loud!”

I said “Excuse me, is this some sort of joke?” Me and my friend are enjoying the sunshine, enjoying life, each others company, we are laughing (and we really didn’t scream at all), and you want to bring us down into your bitterness and your negativity. No way. It ain’t working ladies!

.we were laughing at the absurd situation.

I looked at the woman with the dog again before we went on the train and I told her

“I really do feel sorry for you. Enjoy life.”

Instead of throwing up toxic shit they should start throwing up glitter. If I see happy people, laughing having fun – then maybe I can let myself get effected by that happy and good energy instead of clinging to the negativity and sinking deeper into bitterness. Once you’re there in the goop of bitterness you wont get out of there so easily.


Lets just respect other people and give each other good energy.


2 thoughts on “.it’s just bitterness.

  1. Oh my god. Miserable b*tches. It’s so pathetic really. Live and let live. And if you are feeling down and other people are too much for you, then don’t sit somewhere public. Absolutely unbelievable. No, not unbelievable, I’ve seen it so often here in Germany… I feel like it’s even worse in the south.

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    1. I can only imagine that it’s worse in the south. Unfortunately it’s a mentality thing here in Germany, they seem to care far too much about what other people do and how they look. And they want to play “police” and tell people what they are doing wrong. Must be a really sad life!


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