.it’s my next concert.

.to be told – a new day.


.limited seats – book your tickets now.

Me and Markus Jan Weber met the first time in 2012. I started at Aida Cruises as a Lead Soloist and Markus was my Musical Director. Markus is a good friend today, and it’s few musicians that I really enjoy creating music with as with Markus. He is a fantastic musician. And it’s always very inspiring to work with him. Have a look at his Soundcloud for some great examples Markus Jan Weber – Soundcloud.

We had two very successful concerts of “To be Told” at Spieker in Eckernförde outside of Kiel during the past 2 years. In the beginning of this year we had our very first concert of “To be Told” in Hamburg at Studio E at Laeiszhalle. After a very busy working schedule for both of us we are now really happy to again present a new version of “To be Told – A new day” in Studio E in Hamburg.

We will offer some new songs, new thoughts, new inspiration, new tunes, new adventures mixed with the original material from “To be Told”. It will be an evening with thoughts about life, how you think you know where you’re heading, about loneliness, friends, languages, having faith, relationships, love, singing advice, loosing yourself, new journeys… new beginnings and much more.


.it will be a unique evening.


I hope to see many familiar faces there, friends and family. But also new faces, anyone who wants to enjoy an evening filled with passion for music.

Warm welcome.

.usually all great things grow out of unpromising beginnings//markus jan weber.




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