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EASYFITNESS is a Franchise concept with over 100 fitness studios in Germany. EASY FITNESS WANDSBEK is offering the members a price worthy combination of lifestyle and Sport. Which is also their philosophy. They inspire people daily for a healthier living, with great studios and high quality equipment for only 19,90 EUR.

.why am I the face of EASY FITNESS WANDSBEK.


Since I’m a person working with my body I’ve always been interested in sports and health. All my life I did different sports as swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, boxing, dancing and always combined with gym. Living in different countries and cities I’ve been a member in more than 8 different Fitness Clubs. The great thing with EASYFITNESS WANDSBEK is that for such low price as 19,90 EUR you can use the whole gym, and not only that – in WHOLE Germany. Even Mallorca will get a gym.


There are other Fitness Studios in Germany that have the possibility of workout in other studios in the country, but you have to pay extra for it. Here it’s included. In Wandsbek you have the newest machines and equipment. It’s a big studio and it’s a great feeling coming there. I know how important health is, not only for a job like mine. For any job. And for life!


To work out doesn’t just mean to “change” your body right now. You’re building a foundation for when you get older. Everything we do matters. And even though you might not notice it right now, you will notice ALL of it when you get old. A healthier life will give you more time on earth, an easier time, a happier time. And the good thing is that it’s NEVER too late to start.

We only have one body and one life. For me it’s so hard to understand why so many people don’t take care of themselves. And it has NOTHING to do with being “fit” having a six-pack or being muscular. It’s all about health, that’s all I care about. That’s what we all should care about.

.10 reasons why you should exercise regularly.

 1. SLEEP. 20-30 min workout three to four times a week helps you sleep better. However, you should not workout to close to bedtime, or you might find yourself too energized to sleep.

2. AGEING. Most people loose 10% of their aerobic capacity each year efter the age of 30. However, regular exercise can actually make you more aerobically fit as you get older.  Working out also improves skin and muscle tone, increases flexibility and reduces the risk of many age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart diseases and stroke.

3. STRONG BODY. As you get older your bones lose density (mass), your joins become stiffer and less flexible, and your lean body mass decreases.  Regular exercise is one of the best ways to slow or prevent muscle, bone and joint problems. A good workout program can help you stay strong and flexible in the golden years.

4. IMMUNESYSTEM. Working out improves, strengthens and boosts your immune system. With a low immune system you increase the risk of infectious diseases and a reduced response to vaccination.

5. MENTAL SHARPNESS. When you work out on a regular basis your memory, reaction time and concentration all get better.And it doesn’t take a lot, 45 minutes of walking for 3 times a week will improve your mental sharpness.

6. CONFIDENCE. Ask yourself this simple question: Do I feel better about myself when I’m lying on the couch eating a bag of potato chips or after a great workout at the gym? Duh. If you’re out of shape and start working out, you’ll gain muscle tone, strength, stamina, and you’ll feel better emotionally. This will inevitably give your self-image and a self-confidence boost, which is often one of the best motivators to stick to a workout program.

7. ENERY. How many times have you skipped the gym because you were “too tired” to work out? But when you have dragged your ass there despite your tireness, haven’t you felt much more awake and energized afterwards? People who work out regularly have more energy, strength and endurance to get through their daily activities than non-exercisers. In fact, you will feel it after a week of regular workout.

8. BETTER SEX. It’s a fact: Regular exercise can increase sexual drive, activity and satisfaction. Physical endurance and muscle tone improve sexual functioning, and exercise jump-starts the sympathetic nervous system, which increases blood flow to the genital area. It will improve your sex life and how orgasms are achieved more frequently and easily by working out…No one disputes the evidence that women of any age can be unhappy with their sex life, but the reasons for their discontent change with age. While younger women are more likely to report difficulty in reaching orgasm, women over 50 cite other difficulties, such as a partner who can’t perform or who doesn’t make love in a satisfying way, painful intercourse, or their feeling that they are no longer physically desirable.

Men, short bouts of intense exercise increase testosterone levels, which can stimulate sexual desire. But gym rats beware; too much exercise can reduce testosterone and other male hormone levels, which can lead to a decrease in libido. Finally, don’t stop as you get older; men over 50 who work out regularly have a 30% lower risk of impotence than those who don’t!!!!

9. NO STRESS. Exercising reduces stress and anxiety by diminishing electrical activity in tense muscles as soon as you finish your workout, which makes you less hyperactive. In addition, your body releases more endorphins for an hour and a half to two hours after your workout, which boosts your mood and promotes relaxation. Another benefit of physical activity is that it provides you with the motivation to improve your diet, and proper nutrition reduces stress. There is even evidence that regular exercise can aid in treating clinical depression.

10. HEALTH!!! The best reason of all to work out regularly is, like I told you already,  that it reduces your risk of many serious and potentially deadly diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, colon cancer, breast cancer (yes, even men can get it!!), stroke, heart attack, and arthritis.

.work it.


You’ve been hearing it for years — now you know exactly why working out is good for you. Stop making excuses and start integrating regular exercise into your weekly routine. If you still can’t find the motivation, why don’t you try signing up for a few sessions with a hot trainer?

.join EASYFITNESS WANDSBEK today and make a change.



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