.it`s not okey.


©my best friend Linnéa Gustavsson


One month ago I wrote the blog post “.it`s my boobs.” Basically from being sick and tired of men and women commenting on the fact that I don`t wear a bra all the time. Which is quite often for several reasons (read the blog from 4th of June). But I`m not walking around naked either.

I got a lot of reactions on this blog post and many people seemed surprised that I get these comments. But I can`t possibly be the only one. Women get comments, looks, sounds or other offensive and humiliating reactions on how they look all the time!! And this is NOT okey.

Yesterday me and my girlfriend went for a walk through Hamburg, it was a beautiful day. And I don`t know how many offensive reactions we got during our walk. And it doesn`t fucking matter what we wore (anyway it was nothing special – normal freaking clothes)!! I don`t understand how anyone thinks that it is okey?! My friend wrote a great text on this cause we both got upset!

“Okay, so peeps. Attention. I’m gonna write this in english, so that it goes out to everyone. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH COMMENTING WOMEN WHO HAVE NO BRAS ON???? Okay, so a friend of mine doesn’t like to wear bras, especially when it’s warm. She still has CLOTHES ON HER BODY, and even if she didn’t, the comments that she receives on the street, in restaurants, from work colleagues and random people in shops WOULDN’T BE OKAY. And this happens from both women and men! Haven’t we come further than that? What is the big deal with her not having a bra? (And when does ever anyone comment men on them having their penises to the right or the left in their trousers when it’s obvious? Or when does ever anyone comment on men scratching their penises all over the place) STOP STARING, STOP COMMENTING, BE FRICKING CIVILIZED and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.”

I couldn`t have sad it better myself.

Today I went to Ikea and I passed some construction workers at the kitchen-section. They made sexual noises at me as I passed by them.

And I just had enough!

I turned around and asked them “Seriously?! Do you wanna say something!!” They started giggeling. Grown up men. I wish I acted faster and more rational in the moment, I should`ve asked for their names. But I`m going back to Ikea tomorrow anyway to report it.

.this is sexual harassment.


I spend some time in a few African countries where the way of looking at women is – lets be honest, it`s fucking horrible.  I experienced some quite scary stuff when I walked alone in Tangier once.

My question is -how was these german construction workers any different from the men in Tangier? They also made sexual noises at me – treatet me as if I was a piece of meat. Humiliating me and showing absolute no respect.

.I seriously thought we had come further.

Girls – don`t let guys treat you like shit. Don`t let them think that you should be happy cause they show you some attention. What they do is nothing. respectful or nice – it`s all about power. If a guy looks at me normally or gives me a compliment, that`s okey. But this is not what I`m talking about here. Not even close.

This is where the change has to be. This is one of the sources to why men have no respect for women. We all have to help. Guys and girls. Don`t let anyone treat you like shit and don`t let people around you treat others like shit. Say something!




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