.it`s just clumsy.

.I have no excuse what so ever – I am just clumsy as shit.

So we all have our thing. I hope it isn’t my “thing” but there’s no doubt that I`m a bit clumsy. Everyone who knows me knows that.

Thursday night I was really tired after work and I went to bed early. Lying in bed I just needed to check one thing on my computer. I took it, still lying down, I have my laptop on a small laptop“table” and it slipped of and the whole computer fell on my nose! It’s not broken but I probably have a crack in the nose. Today it’s brown and beautiful -hurting like shit. Tomorrow I`m sure it will be blue/purple/green and lovely.

You can laugh. It’s what I do 🙂

 So I`m just a “bit” clumsy… Like that time when I blew up heart balloons for Valentines Day and one exploded in my eye 5 minuts before the show and I couldn’t see a god damn thing. My eye got swollen and fire red. And I had a feeling that my eye grew a bit as well…. 

It definitley looks bigger to me.

Or that time when we did “Mamma Mia The Musical” at the Lorensbergs Theater in Gothenburg and I hit myself with a hammer in my head during rehearsals. I almost got a crack in the frontal bone of my head and the doctors where afraid of a brain bleeding. But I got away with a heavy concussion. Never use real tools on stage – not even in a rehearsal!

Well most important thing is to laugh about it and to let others laugh at you. It makes everything easy. What else can you do? It happened already – better have fun at it.


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