.it’s all about timing.

.sometimes nothing seems to happen and then everything happens at the same time.



Why is it that life just decides to give you a big “turn around” when you least expect it. Some periods of life you are craving a change and then nothing happens… And when it seems to fit the worst – the worst possible timing, that’s when it all happens.

When I told my Russian friend (who is an amazing person!!) “I think it’s about time that I change my hair” she answered ;

“When you change your hair, you change your life”.

I thought that was an interesting thought. It’s always good to change your life a bit. So I went to the hairdresser and I got an copper ombre. Maybe not the most chocking – huge change – but definitely a change for me. And it didn’t take many days until my life started to change. Just like my Russian friend told me.

Now my life and my future looks completely different from before the hair change. Maybe not because of the hair itself – but maybe it is because of the change… Maybe we get new impulses and energy to see things differently. When we start seeing ourself differently. I believe it’s connected. Sometimes a little change, like a new hair color, hair cut or new clothes can make you feel so much better with yourself. And of course that attracts possibilities.


If you’re in flow with your own truth, doors open effortlessly because you’re in flow with the current. You’re here and now. When you’re not forcing something, when you instead enjoy and love what you do, you attract people, energy and opportunities.

If you’re in a certain touch with your inner guidance, an inner truth, If you can listen to the true voice within you, whether it comes from meditation or from being in a flow or errasing some old patterns. I really believe that the people that I am ment to meet will be crossing my way, some may only stay during a certain period. Maybe to exchange energies, learn something from each other, maybe they will come back in another period of your life … or you meet someone that you will keep around for long. Maybe for ever. But in the moment when you meet someone new, it’s not the most important thing to know exactly which “category” they belong to. Again believe and dare to trust the flow of your life. And live here and now.

.when we release all the expectations of how our life should look like,

that’s when we start to live.



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