.it’s awful.

.medical care is a human right.



The health care system in Sweden is built up so that everyone can receive the care they need. Everyone who live in Sweden are entitled to health care – even you who are seeking asylum.

Of course the society somehow has to pay for the health care. But isn’t it more fair that we all pay the same small amount each month from our taxes and then everyone can get free health care? Than that everyone is paying individually each month for a very expensive health insurance… a health insurance that many people can’t afford. A health insurance system that gives companies the possibility to earn a lot of money on sick people.  A system that doesn’t treat everyone the same. If you have a private insurance you will get help faster and mostly also better than if you have a Statutory insurance. They will also try to give you treatments and more help than you actually need – cause there is a profit behind it. Money.

.it’s all about the money.

When it should be all about helping people. Saving people. Making sure that the country is safe to live in. That no matter who you are, where you’re from, what you work with, how much you earn – you will get the same healthcare. And you have the right to the same care. Cause we are all humans. And no one is more or less worthy.

.32 euro to make a HIV test.

If HIV tests are free, if OCD tests are free – people will do them. People would find out – they would get treated – they would stop spreading it. And you might be the one that wont get infected. Here in Germany it’s not even included in your health insurance. You have to pay extra to make these tests. It’s truly awful. So you pay a big amount of your income to this insurance, that you by law have to have, and then you can’t even make an HIV or OCD test for free, not even a gynecologist test for prostate or cervical cancer. You have to pay for that! It costs everything from 35 euro and up over hundreds of euro. So of course a lot of people NEVER get themselves checked. And that’s a scary thought.

People from other countries often complain about Sweden being so expensive. But the fact is that comparing it with Germany, I pay less percentage in Sweden then here. In Sweden we pay our 33% taxes – all inclusive – that’s it. In Germany I pay my taxes and then the health insurance and in the end I pay much more! (Counting in percentage).

I really hope that the countries with health insurance system will prioritize and establish the free health care system. I know it’s easier said than done. Of course. But it’s definitely possible.

…and it’s an human right…



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