.it’s always time to go.

.leaving a beautiful warm Sweden behind.


Midsummer this year became everything I hoped and could’ve dreamed for. I was at home in Sweden, with my family, no stress, no work, good food and beautiful midsummer weather. On thursday afternoon we went out in the forest to collect flowers for the midsummer wreaths. With some red wine and Swedish summer music, me and my sister made the wreaths for me, her, our mum and the kids. Yesterday (friday) was midsummer day, the day when we celebrate. We went by car from “Uddevalla” where my sister lives to “Hafsten Resort” it’s just 20 minutes away also on the west coast.


My bonus-sisters and their family and friends are living there on a camping for one week so we came there for the Midsummer Lunch. We brought the traditional midsummer food. Fresh potatoes and herring.


.I even went for a swim in the sea. It was definitely refreshing.

Whenever I go home now a days I realize how incredibly beautiful it is! The west coast of Sweden is my home and it’s absolutely stunning. And yesterday we had 25 degrees which is very rare and lucky in Sweden. So we enjoyed every second of the day.


After swimming we went with all the other families to the other beach nearby for the Midsummer Dance around the Midsummer Pole. For non Swedish people this must look hilarious. Grown up people dancing, jumping around a stick with flowers in their hairs. I made a short video clip incase you are interested in seeing it… Have a look and let me know what you think 🙂

After the celebrations we went back to “Uddevalla” and my sisters place for a barbecue and a relaxing nice evening in their hot pool.


But it’s always time to go. And it always comes to fast. But I really had an amazing week and I’m very happy. I needed a relaxing week with my family. We all do every now and then. Reload. Right back to work.



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