.it’s my home.

.you don’t appreciate it enough when you see it everyday.

Sverige – Västra Götalands Län – Bohuslän – Orust – Svanesund. That’s where I grew up. With a population of around only 2000 people. I haven’t lived there in over 10 years but I always stayed at the West Coast. Being away from Sweden for more than 4 years have really made me appreciate the pure, beautiful, stunning nature that we have here.

The only other place in the world that I connected with where I grew up is “St Baths” in the Caribbean Islands. Which is really surprising. How can it in one way look so similar and be on the other side of the world in a complete different climate….


Of course the water in Sweden is not even close to being so bright as in the Carribean waters. But everything else, well not the climate, is so familiar to where I grew up.


I grew up in a big house in the forest on the Island Orust, 6 miles away from Gothenburg with a full view of the open Sea. I saw that view everyday. And I never really thought about it. That’s how I grew up. It took me less than 4 minutes to be in the water. And today I think – LUXURY!!!

I always loved it though, I’m like a fish in the water. It makes me feel so free and it really connects me with the nature. In 2 days we celebrate midsummer here and we will go to a place called “Hafssten” up at the coast. And my bikini will be packed. And regardless temperature and weather, I will swim. It will probably be my only chance this year in Sweden. And thinking back I went swimming 4-5 times per day when I lived there. So in one way I probably didn’t appreciate the view so much. But I sure did use the opportunity of living so close to the water!  I used every chance I could get.

.so no, I’m definitley not bitter.

.3 generations out enjoying the day.



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