.it’s our responsibility.

.sweden is one of the most gender-equal societies in the world but we still have a long way to go.

When you open the door for me, when you offer me your seat and when you want to carry my bag for me – I wont let you. Not because I don’t appreciate the thought behind it. But because I don’t appreciate the deep-thought behind it. What makes you think that I can’t carry my own bags? What makes you think that I can’t open my own door or stand alone? Because I’m a woman… because women are weak and men are so strong?!

.I would probably break you if it came to a fight.


Gender equality means that men and women should have the same rights and opportunities. That no one should be treated differently because of their gender. Everyone should have the same right to decide over their bodies and sexuality, and the same opportunities to influence society and their own lives. Sweden has the world’s first feminist government. It means that gender equality is critical to the government’s priorities – the decisions and allocation of resources. Women and men should have the same power to shape the society and their own lives. Gender equality is central, both in the national and international efforts.

The Swedish government work after four objectives:

  • An equal distribution of power and influence. Women and men should have equal rights and opportunities to be active citizens and to shape the conditions for decision-making (casually speaking; girls and boys can influence political decisions in the same way)!
  • Economic equality. Women and men should have the same opportunities and conditions with regard to education and paid work that provide lifelong economic independence (casually speaking; girls and boys can learn and make money in the same way)!
  • Equal distribution of unpaid care and household work. Women and men shall take the same responsibility for household work and have the opportunity to give and receive care on equal terms (casually speaking; Girls and boys should have the same responsibilities and opportunities, for example taking care of children, and share the work that needs to be done at home)!
  • Men’s violence against women must stop! Women and men, girls and boys, shall have equal rights and opportunities to physical integrity (casually speaking; that boys and girls should have the right to decide over their own bodies)!

To be treated badly because of gender in work, education, shops or authorities, health services, landlords, or union (ANYWHERE) is discriminatory and goes against the Swedish law. It stands in the “Swedish Education Law” to work for equality and against traditional gender roles. All schools and colleges should also have an “Equal Treatment Plan” in which they describe how we work for equality. So you can make demands on all schools and their teachers to work for gender equality. The same applies to your employer. In all workplaces.

The Global Gender Gap Report :

Nordic nations remain the most gender-equal societies in the world.

The leading four nations :

 1. Iceland

2. Finland


4. Sweden

5. Denmark.

We know so much, but why is it that women still earn less money than men? For nine of the ten most common jobs, women are in average paid less than men, even though they do the same job. And why is it that 80 % of all the high professor positions are filled with men? When women in Sweden often have higher education than men because we have more women studying at universities? That more women then men are sexually assaulted?  Why is it bringing respect and why is it cool when a guy sleeps with 10 different women in a week, and when a girl does the same she’s a slut? Why is it a girls own fault that she gets raped if she was dressed in a certain way, when we wouldn’t even ask what a man wore when he got assaulted? Why does men always have to be strong and powerful and why does women always have to be weak and vulnerable?


I know a lot of strong and powerful women and I also know a lot of beautiful sensitive and vulnerable men. They are all beautiful people.

But it’s our responsibility to make the change. To become more gender equal. To accept people for who there are – not their gender. And it all starts with our children. What are we actually teaching our children?

 ” No David, dolls and barbies are for girls! Pink is for girls. Only girls cry! Don’t throw like a girl. David are you daddys strong boy? Boys are powerful. Boys will always be boys.  “

” No Anna, girls don’t play with cars and machines. You will wear a dress. You love pink. You’re mommys princess! No Anna don’t touch yourself between your legs – that’s wrong. No Anna, David pulls your hair and hits you because he likes you, that’s what boys do. You should be happy that a guy shows you attention. A girl should be pretty. A girl should dress feminine. A girl should not talk to much. A girl should cook and clean. A girl should be home with the children.”

When I tried to write down the things that we tell our children, through our own words but mostly through society, I could come up with so many things we tell girls not to do. I mean of course there are million of examples I could write. These are just a few.

So maybe we should all start to think about how we feel and express ourselves about different genders. Are there differences? And what can they then depend on? Self criticism is one of the hardest but also one of the best things to keep growing as a human being.

So the next time you want to carry my bag, maybe instead of assuming that I can’t carry it myself cause I’m a woman you could look at me as a person. If it looks like I need help – just ask.





4 thoughts on “.it’s our responsibility.

  1. I find gender such a hard subject in my line of work, where I work with children you regularly see the children playing with all the variety of toys but then you will see some who only go to toy ‘gender specific’ to their gender, e.g. Boys playing with cars and bikes and girls playing with buggies and doll. It is so hard to not be gender specific when your brought up in that way and then you are told not to be like that. I was quite happy when I saw a little boy come in wearing Disney princess dress up costumes, some people may think that was weird but it just showed how the child’s parents accepted that he wanted to dress up in female clothes and were not forcing him to wear gender appropriate clothes. Even at his age, around 3 years old, they were letting make his own choices which made me really happy. Some people are so accepting of gender equality whilst others are not, we all need to be a bit more open minded over it, and teach the younger generations about it as well so they can be open minded too.

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    1. Yes it`s especially important to start with our children. And like you said we just need to open our mind. Let the children be who they are. And don`t start by shaping them into the picture you have of todays society.

      If your girl like dolls there`s nothing wrong with that just because it`s “the stereotype of a girl toy” (which is terrible that it`s even a gender on childrens toys!!) . But if she likes to climb trees and get muddy – then maybe you should let her. And if a boy likes “ the stereotype of boy-toys” (again why do we decide for something so bizarre?!) then that`s not wrong either – but if your little boy wants to wear dresses and more “girly” things then maybe you should let him. Since when is it okey to deny people who they are? And why would you do that to your own child?!?


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