.it’s so tempting.

.I’m secretly in love with interior design.


What can I say… I always loved design. Fashion or interior, both equally. Me and my friend Linnea are in the moment in a “interior-design-flow”. Which means, more then usually. I follow some really cool accounts on Instagram where I also get a lot of inspiration. Among them are DUSTYHOME and the Gothenburg girl SICT.INTERIOR. Follow them for great inspiration<3

The problem with being in a “interior-design-flow” is that it’s expensive. It’s not like buying a new T-shirt. But what I do believe is that it makes a huge change in your life. It takes YEARS to find your own style. I definatley found mine. And it takes another few years to change your intire home into what you want. But I’m on a good way at least. Of course it’s even harder when you have two flats in different countries. Or maybe I should say that it’s “double fun”.


.industrial chic is my “niche”.

I think we all have these moments where we wish we had an extra million dollars lying around that we could spend at interior design. I mean that would be fantastic. But we work with what we have. And since some industrial interior is so expensive you have to know where you can find it for an affordable price. I definitely have some advice.

GRANIT (Swedish company at Neuer Wall/Gänsemarkt. I could buy everything in that store. Really everything.)

CLAS OHLSON (Swedish company at Jungfernstieg. Great lamps!)

IKEA (they somtimes have amazing “non-ikea-looking things”)

TKMAXX (Many times has a lot of rubbish, but sometimes you find really good stuff there!)

DEPOT (Not completely my style, but sometimes they have GREAT stuff!)

EBAY (no comment needed, always bargain the price)

Go to different markets (sometimes people sell amazing things)

 More expensive :

BO CONCEPT (Danish company at Fischmarkt)

STILWERK (German company in Fischmarkt)

My flat here in Germany is small, it’s a one room flat with one big room, hall, kitchen, bathroom and a balcony. It’s around 40 square meter. It’s definitely a challenge to design a combined living- & bedroom. I always had bigger flats and my flat in Gothenburg has a separate bedroom (AND a walk-in-closet!!!!!!) But I do have to say that I really like it as well. For living alone you can absolutely survive in one room.

Next week I go home to Sweden for a couple of days to celebrate “Midsummer”. And I have some interesting design stores to visit in Gothenburg. I love antique furniture. I love to mix the old with the new industrial and rough look. Even to mix in some romantic elements of chubby chic can be really interesting. The picture underneath is from “Antikhallarna” in Gothenburg. And they sell a lot of antique furniture and interiors. I will definitely make a visit there next week.



(Can you tell what things are from Ikea + H&M Home + ZARA HOME in this picture?! And what do you think is the oldest thing or furniture in this picture?)


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