.it’s not weekend.

.maybe for you, but never in showbiz.


Mondays – for “normal people” means the first day of the week. Either you’re refreshed after a nice weekend or you’re tired or hangover. But regardless mondays and even tuesdays are somehow “do-able”. On wednesday – everyone is in general annoyed that it’s not already friday (at least thursday I mean COME ON). Thursday is some kind of annoying middle day that no one wants, what we all want is friday! You’re in a good mood, you can go home early and then you have two days off before the next week start.

Wikipedia says ;

 “Saturday and Sunday, especially regarded as a time for leisure”.
For “Showbiz peeps” (in this matter musical artists) this is BULLSHIT – Saturday and Sunday is the LEAST days of “leisure” of the whole week all year long! Doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas Eve or New Years Eve or any normal “Eve”, we always work. In Germany you normally have 8 shows a week, that is also what we have at the Operettenhaus for “Love Never Dies”. Tuesday until friday we play one show a day. So you start work in the afternoon. IF you don’t have rehearsals for the kids in the show, or new people joining the show, choreo clean up, phonetics, music rehearsals, note sessions or whatever else there could be. So in general without rehearsals these days are very good. What is really nice compared to the “normal people” is that we have the whole daytime free. Unfortunately we also sleep a lot so it doesn’t always help.

.and instead of longing for friday we all dread it.

Friday means, that what the normal people call “weekend”, starts. Apparently a “weekend” is two days a week where you don’t need to work… WHAT? Nooooo, you’re kidding me? Really, two whole days?!

Friday for us means, that the double shows start. And we normally try to make the most out of Sunday evening which is our only evening with a off-day after. During the week we make great plans, dinner with drinks and then dancing in a club. But first of all almost everything is closed. And second of all you’re normally so tired after the week and the double shows that you normally end up at the sofa with some Netflix. Monday is our holy day and our only day off.

It’s not like we are forced to work this way. It’s simply how the business works. I mean how could the “normal people” come and see us if we worked at the same time? Simple as that. It has it’s charm to work this way, and it actually and luckily it really fits me. Although sometimes I wish that I had more than one night off, to go to the cinema, or go to a dinner party without having to arrive at midnight when everyones already wasted. But I also love my job so I’m not gonna complain. It’s a dream to work with what you love and like I said, I wouldn’t wanna change it. I like the being-off-during-the-day-working-in-the-evening-thing. Yesterday I played double Christine and today I play double Christine again. So, no Wikipedia, Saturday and Sundays are no time for “leisure”.


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