.it’s scary.

.”just let him lay there”.


Last week I walked from the theater and met a middle age man on a street next to Reeperbahn. He was extremely drunk and could barely walk. He looked really lost and confused so I asked him if he was okey, he lost his balance and fell into a tree and hit his head badly. I rushed over to help him.  He had a bandaged hand that he couldn`t use and I couldn`t get him up alone. A policeman stood 5 meters away busy giving an english man a parking ticket. I yelled for the police to come and help me. He looked at me and when he saw the drunk man he ignored me. I yelled to the Policeman again “Please can you help me to get him up?” And the policeman answered –  “Just let him lay there”!! 

.I couldn`t believe it.

I yelled back “Are you kidding me? He is injured and way to drunk to be left alone.”
He answered really careless without any sympathy in his face, “Yeah that`s very normal in this area.” The english man reacted and came over and helped me with the man. We tried to find out where he came from and where he was living. He was from Polen and couldn`t really speak English or German in the condition he was in. The Policeman didn`t want to help us.

.for him it was more important to give a parking ticket than to help a human in need.

We were actually both chocked that he didn`t seem to care at all. We told the Police several times “this is a person”! I asked the policeman “If this was me – would you just let me lay there?!? If this was a woman?! If this was your brother or your dad!? You would just let them lay there?! He didn`t answer me, he called for a colleague. The other policeman who came seemed to pocess some humanity and he called for an ambulance and tried to help us with the man. We had to help him to sit down and I held his hand and he started crying.  I told the first policeman:
“Last year during the worldwide “Gothia Cup” in Gothenburg, I helped two 13 year old boys at a buss stop. They were lying in their own vomit completely alkohol poissoned. They were German. So what you are telling me is that I should have let them lay there…?!”      The Polish man came to a hospital and is hopefully fine now.
But what really scares me is how the policeman had no empathy for this man at all. Unfortunately  I have met this type of unhumanity in authority people before and it really really scares me!
Being a part of a society also means to take responsibilty. Yes this man was definatley old enough to know that he shouldn`t drink that much, maybe he got lost from his friends after a crazy night, maybe he went through something terrible that day or maybe he was a “drunk” … but it really doesn’t matter, and it doesn`t mean that he should be refused help from a society that provides alcohol to the people (a LOT of it here in Germany) . As long as you sell alcohol to the people you also have to take care of them. Especially when you can get a bottle of Vodka at the closest kiosk any time a day.

.this man is a human being like anyone of us.

The society – WE have to care for each other – help each other! Not just pass by and look the other way. Next time it will be you. Or your mum, your dad, maybe your own child.

Don`t be afraid of doing the right thing!


4 thoughts on “.it’s scary.

  1. It is so important to talk about helping strangers. Many people have a inhibition level in these cases. I think thats ok, thats (sadly) normal nowadays. But it´s always about overcoming this inhibition. And a policeman, who`s even trained for helping others should be the one who´s setting an example ahead. And he also should know, that it´s indictable not to help him. Just because someone´s drunk he has not lost his human dignity. Thats another thing a policeman has to know. It´s very hard to find words for it, my first feeling reading this was simply speechlessness. So I hope, everyone who is reading your post also thinks: Let´s make it better than the policeman.

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  2. I really hope that this policeman is an exception! Isn’t it scrary to think that there are more of his kind. You should be able to trust the police to help people in need and yet, you can’t. Let’s just hope there are more people like you out there who have the courage to step up for those in need.

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