.it’s my hate-love.




.summertime and the living is …

Aida Blu-50

The largest part of the year in Sweden it’s winter. So of course I grew up loving summer. Surely you don`t need to be from Sweden to appriciate the sun but when at least 7-8 months of the year is cold than you learn how to really appreciate it. I love the first signs of spring, it starts getting light outside, it gets warmer, the birds start to sing, you can sit outside without wearing your intire wardrobe, buds on the trees, then the trees slowly become green, then the grass … and I`m dead since weeks already! Tired, sneasing, blowing my nose and with eyes rinning and itching!!!

.summer without allergy would be heaven.

“Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Symptoms onset is often within minutes following exposure and they can affect sleep, the ability to work, and the ability to concentrate at school”. (Kids it’s not allowed to use this as an excuse if it’s not really true. Of course for the adults as well!)

I wish that I only had the rinning nose/eyes, the tireness and sneasing. But I don`t. Thats how it starts for me in the beginning of the season. But then it slowly moves down. Down to my instrument. And the real struggle begins. Some days it really feels like my voice is 2 octaves lower.

.I feel like the contra-bass in Pentatonix.

I just wish I could sound as fierce as him! And today I woke up and I could basically feel how my voice already sank to the buttom of my belly. Perfect. Tomorrow I play Christine. But I had this for around 10 years and I somehow learned how to handle it. So after giving myself some time to wake up, exercise and then warming up my voice I`m kind of back where I should be.

.great, tomorrow I have to sing top C`s.

I tried every pill there is. Even injections (which I WONT RECOMMEND)!! More about that another time. And now I consulted with my mum (who is the head nurse in our region, and also the best mum in the world) and then with my doctor and in the end of August I will make a new allergy test. And then I will start the 3 year long treatment “Hyposensibilisation” – which will finally make me immune.

.and I can fully enjoy this time of year.

Aida Blu-42

Basically what it means is that you go once a month for three years and get a small injection of what you`re allergic too. The body slowly builds up a natural protection and in the end you`re immune. I can`t even explain how much I`m longing for that. So if you are struggling like me, I would suggest to check it out. I should’ve started that years ago. But better late than never I guess.

Until then I will keep on the “love-fight” for this amazing time of year, also called summer. And somehow try to enjoy it even though I sometimes feel like a walking zombie! But hey, I always think about what my mum always told me;

.it could always be worse.


Aida Blu-62

The amazing pictures are taken by : Matt Farci & the location is Cefalu, Italy. ❤

2 thoughts on “.it’s my hate-love.

  1. Oh I feel with you so much 😦 Unfortunately, I have allergy as well, starting when it’s always, everywhere getting warmer; end of May. It’s not that bad yet, but I am also afraid about my voice. Last yearI couldn’t speak for 4 days. That was something! Anyway, good luck with your performance, I think Christine with allergy might seem more realistic… 😉 😉 😀

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