.it`s our day.


.I never appriciated it enough when I was there.


6th of June and it`s Swedens nationalday. I don`t think I ever celebrated it when I lived in Sweden.  I actually don`t think I ever appriciated my home country as much as after living abroad for more than 4 years, I can say what I appriciate with Germany but also what I miss from Sweden!

Today it`s 35 degrees in the sun and me and my Swedish friend Linnea are lying in the Stadtpark in Hamburg. We had a lovely barbeque picnick with “homemade-amazing-strong-strawberry-kiwi-dream-Sangria”. Tonight we’re watching the “Pentatonix” concert here in Hamburg and we can`t wait. It`s gonna be awesome!
We are lying here by the lake eating Swedish “Prinsess-tårta”, talking about our lifes in Germany.

Sweden vs Germany

Okey we start with some good things about Germany:
* the alcohol is cheaper (which isn`t always positive for everyone). But you can easily buy a good bottle of wine for 4€ which is sort of 35kr.
* the food is cheap, you can actually afford going to to restaurants more then once a month without getting ruined.
* biological food – it’s easy to find here, they have complete Bio Food Stores all around Hamburg and it`s very affordable compared to Sweden.
* People go more often to local markets to get fresh food.
* The musical industry is MUCH bigger. And there is a huge culture of watching musicals which obvioulsy is connected.
* The coffee is cheap (Swedish people will know what we mean)!                                                                                        * It’s WARMER!

And now to the things that we think is “better”, or lets say “different” in Sweden:

* We have free health care for everyone (it`s included in our taxes) and you don`t need a health insurance. When Germans say that it`s so expensive in Sweden, they should know that when you payed everything in the end of the month with health insurance, taxes etc you still pay a bigger part of your salary than you would`ve in Sweden.
* We have a HUGE music industry. We are one of the top music-producing countries in the world.
* You can pay by card where ever you are! Even if you got to a market to buy some apples you can pay by card. Which makes life so much easier for everyone. Espacially for tourists.
* We have GREAT FASHION! Clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, interior design you name it. Luckely many of the Swedish stores can be found all around the world. In Germany we have for example; IKEA, H&M, Cheap Monday, Weekday, Monki, Indiska, Clas Ohlson, Stadium, & other Stories, COS and now finally Granit (our big love)♡
Not to forget all the Swedish food brands that are now in German food stores (Wasa, Pågen, Gille, Lätta, Absolut Vodka & Arla)
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic – do I need to say more?! Check out this video : Zlatan/Volvo

* The standard of houses. For example VENTILATION is something we have by law since the 30s (germany is a bit behind on that one). But also the rental appartements have a “standard” which means that every flat has a full kitchen and bathroom. When you move in the whole flat will be equipped. So no “I`m taking my floor with me” or “I`m taking my kitchen with me” or worse “I bought that toilett, so I`m taking it with me”. I know that doesn’t happen in all cases, but it can happen. So if you’re moving to Germany you should be prepared that there’s most likely no fridge and worst case no toilett, haha.
* You can basically live a whole life in Sweden with only English. Why? We don`t dub any movies etc. We teach our kids English early in school. And our society use a lot of english.
* We don`t have a need to correct other poeple all the time.
* We don`t have rules about everything – and our society is still one of the best functional societys in the world.

Well both these lists could go on for ever basically. The mainpoint is :

Germany is like home BUT very different!

It`s so much more different than I ever thought. I`m happy to work and live in this country, but will I stay here forever… hmm … Maybe I learned to love my own country too much by being away?

Thank you for having me Germany. I love it here! And Sweden don`t be sad – I will be back one day.


3 thoughts on “.it`s our day.

  1. Thank you so much for that entry. I always think it’s so interesting to read authentic thoughts from people about Germany and their own country. I really love Sweden and I’d love to go there some day and discover some places over there.
    And you’re absolutely right with your thought on growing up learning English. Here in Germany, we dub everything. At the same time, everyone complains that the kids are not good enough at English. Everyone keeps on saying how important the English language is and yet, it could be so easy to involve it in our daily lives just a bit more.
    What I find interesting: What do you mean with rules about everything here in Germany? As a German, I think most things are just normal for me as they are and I don’t even observe them. Maybe you could share your thoughts about “rules” in Germany and what it is like compared to Sweden. And I would really love to read more about what you noticed about different lifestyles in different countries. Not only Sweden and Germany, but also about other countries you have seen. I imagine there must be a lot to tell and I can’t wait to read more about that!
    Have a great sunny day!

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    1. I will write a separate blog post about the specific differences with Germany. It’s too much to explain here I think;) And also about different countries. It will come further on, keep an eye out 🙂 Have a great day! Hug

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  2. Very interesting to read what a non-german thinks about Germany! Especially the fact that many things are cheaper and of course “It’s warmer”! Love that one!! ❤ Makes me think about a friend from Thailand and how excited she got when she experienced her first snow! 😀 I'd love to read more about how things are in sweden compared to other countries that you've visited! 🙂 Sweden is so beautiful with a very friendly society. Friendlier than in Germany, I'd say!


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