.it’s my boobs.

.if I want to keep them free I’ll keep them free.

The summer is here and Hamburg is bringing up to 30 degrees at the moment. It’s beautiful, green, full of flowers and happy people. It’s weekend and I have to work. We have double shows today (saturday) and tomorrow Sunday. And it’s HOT too be on stage in this weather. The audience have nice air condition. But on stage we can’t use air condition because of the draft risk. And believe me the technique and lamps on stage are HOTTER than ever. And then you jump into all these beautiful costumes (which I adore!!!) and then dance and sing. It’s like doing a workout in a Sauna basically. Oh, with the small detail that hundreds of people are watching you. Me and my colleagues take every chance we get to cool off a bit.

Don’t we all have the tendency to complain about the weather when it’s too cold and when it’s finally summer and great weather we still complain. NOTE – I am not complaining about the weather here. It’s warm and I love it. What I also love is to not wear a bra when it’s too hot outside.

.I don’t walk around toppless.

No, it doesn’t mean that I walk around toppless. I mean, yes I’m Swedish and all, but I try to live after the rules we all have about nudity in public. And I know Germany is a bit different with their rules. But as far as I know it doesn’t say anything specific about underwear (and if it would – I would leave this country). And no, it’s nothing sexual, but for many of my dresses- and summer tops it’s just easier and better for me. And the absolute main reason is that it’s uncomfortable and a lot warmer. So guys – regardless if you like it or not maybe you can keep it to yourself. And if you don’t understand it, walk around a whole day in a jockstrap and see how comfortable that will be.

What’s more surprising is the women that comments on it, or looks at you on the street. “Hey, you should know”.!

And who are you to tell me anything about my underwear. As long as I follow the “naked-rule”, or? Am I right? I suppose these women might not feel comfortable enough to walk around without a bra themselves. I would rather think, you go girl, keep them free, who cares what other people think. And if you’re one of the women with “too big boobs to let them hang free” then you have a lot of other things to be grateful for.

.who cares what other people think.

Be comfortable. Be you.

.love.kärlek.liebe.heidi.heidi karlsson-124-Edit-4

3 thoughts on “.it’s my boobs.

  1. Oh, I can empathize to that “working in a hot space” thing! I’m a confectioner and in winter it’s really nice to have a warm bakery with a hot oven, but when it gets hot outside, it’s super hot inside. So….yeah…I love to cool down a bit in the cold storage, haha! 😀
    But about the boob thing, I myself do feel uncomfortable when I’m without a bra, probably because I’m used to wear it and it’s totally normal, even though it makes your breast area more sweaty in summer. But that’s only my opinion and I’m totally fine with every other woman’s way to handle that. If some woman doesn’t want to wear a bra in summer, she may do that, since it’s none of my business. Everyone may act as she wants! Anyway, it’s great to hear, that you love your body and you’re absolutely not ashamed for it!! That’s amazing!!!


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