.oh how i missed you.

.summer is here.

my old friend. june. you’re back.

Although times seems to fly by – it feels like last June was sooo long ago. Yesterday it was exactly 4 years ago that I graduated as a professional musical artist from Performing Arts School in Gothenburg.

I’m extremely happy to be where I am right now. And knowing that summer is here makes everyone so happy. Hamburg is a fantastic summer city. There are so many things to do. Great bars like “Hamburg Del Mar Beachclub”, outdoor training “Workout Arena #3″with my friend and personal trainer Kristian Kuska at the Stadpark, shopping in Sternschanze, markets, great restaurants and cool events.

Next thing on the schedule is “PENTATONIX” with my best friend Linnea. It’s on the 6th of June and coincidentally that’s Swedens Nationalday. So we will have a great Swedish pic-nix in the City park here in Hamburg. Really looking forward to this.

.summer is happiness.


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